Designs From Nature & Architecture ~ 3 hours

Have you ever looked at a piece of architecture and wondered if the lines and designs could be translated into knitting? Or see a tree or flower and think how beautiful it would be as a knitting stitch pattern? Whether it’s the straight lines of a cool old building or the angles and curves of plant life, we’ll explore how to make that translation. You’ll start with a photo and pull out the elements that you like, explore stitch dictionaries and use the pieces and parts of existing stitch patterns to create something new and unique with a bit of sketching (you don’t need to be an artist) and a bit of swatching. We’ll discuss where and how to use your new patterns to create a whole new design!


It’s All About the Gauge  ~ 2 hours/3 hours

Gauge: what is it, how to get it, what affects it? In this class we’ll look at how to make a proper swatch and make changes to that swatch to make any yarn work. We’ll talk about when gauge is important, when it isn’t and how the type of yarns affect the gauge to make sure you get the garment you want.


High Tech Crafting: Knitting with your iPad! ~ 2 hours/3hours

Tired of hauling your knitting patterns and books around with you? Use your new iPad for more than email and games. Debbi teaches you how to maximize your iPad’s use in knitting and crochet, from importing and storing your patterns, to how to use this amazing tool for ease while knitting, Ravelry at your fingertips, and much more! She will also explain how to use Ravelry to your best advantage. Whether you are new to your iPad or have been using it for some time, this is the perfect class for you!


Ravelry – Start to Finish ~ 3 hours

Are you new to Ravelry or have you had an account for years?  With this class we’ll explore everything there is to learn and know about Ravelry and which parts are best for you.  We’ll look at your Notebook and how to get the most out of it to using Ravelry Pro and everything in between.  The class is designed so that no matter which device you use to go to Ravelry (computer, tablet or phone) you’ll be able to navigate the inner working of the site and find everything you need!


Crazy Texture Stitches! ~ 3 hours

Texture stitches are a great way to add interest to the simplest of projects.  In this class we’ll start with some familiar texture stitches and how to use them and then dive into some stitches that you might not have seen before.  We’ll work these familiar and not so familiar stitches into a little sampler that you’ll take with you as a reference for future projects.  Students should be familiar with basic knitting stitches (knit, purl, yo, etc) as well as increasing and decreasing.







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