…gentlemen, starts your engines…

At long last the much anticipated Rose City Yarn Crawl starts tomorrow.  I’ve been planning for this weekend for a long time, ever since I pushed send on my submission for the RCYC Mystery KAL pattern.

I was going gangbusters on my submission, working on the design with beautiful yarn and the ideas were coming at me one after another.  Things were meshing well and all was humming along and then something happened that set me back on my heels; my dad passed away.  When that happened I folded up my work and thought, “Well, that’s that.  Maybe next year”, and I simply stopped.  I wasn’t in the space to continue on.

Time went by and the deadline was coming closer and closer for submission.  I wasn’t concerned about the deadline because I had already decided that it wasn’t my time.  I went about my business and then in a matter of days I received an email.  It was from a friend that said how sorry she was to hear about my dad and that if I decided that I couldn’t submit a design this year that it was okay….but she hoped that I would.

It was that simple and sweet email that pushed me to finish up my submission and press send.  After sending my submission in I sat back and thought “Well, at least I’ve tried, but I’m pretty sure they won’t be interested”.

What a surprise to me it was when I received the email with the subject:  Tag, You’re it!  My design had been selected and the rest is history.  I worked up the pattern, hired a tech editor (thanks Kate!) and got my test knitters going.  All of that resulted in Washington Park.  IMG_4042

I am super proud of this design and have been able to go to cast-on parties, knit-a-long meet ups and finish line parties in the last 4 weeks where I’ve been able to meet many people that are working on their shawls.  It’s been so great seeing all of the shawls as they take shape and I am so looking forward to seeing many more of them when the crawl starts tomorrow.

I’ve got my passport ready.

Screenshot 2015-03-04 18.46.44

For the first time I am planning to visit every shop on the crawl.  How can I miss any of them?  They’ll all have my beautiful pattern sample on display.  There are 15 shops on the crawl and there are 4 days to get to all of them.  That’s totally doable and I am sure up to the challenge.

If you are out during the crawl this weekend and see me please stop me and say hello.  I’d love to meet you and if you happened to have knit Washington Park I’d love to see it and maybe snap a photo of you wearing it (unless you are in the Witness Protection Program and don’t want your photo taken, totally understand that.)

I couldn’t have done all of this without help from some extra special people.  Thanks to Anne at For Yarn’s Sake for her listening ear and help along the way.  Thanks to Anne of Alpha B for the nudge and of course sending me the beautiful yarn.  Thanks to Marcy for holding my hand (from Massachusetts) during the trying times.  And special thanks to Susan, Susan, Dr. Susan,(we have a lot of Susan’s in our knitting group)  Leianne, Mary Ann and Eileen for all of the encouragement, love and support during the whole process.

See you tomorrow and gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines!

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