I’m sitting here today working on the final touches on a new pattern  (details coming soon).  It might just be my favorite design so far, but then I think that with each pattern I publish.  It’s kind of like your children.  You know you’re not supposed to have favorites…  I can’t really show you much but I will give you a sneak peak.

DSC_0030 - Version 2It’s coming along just as planned.  The only thing I have left to do is the photo shoot and a few last tweaks on the written pattern and then it’s ready to go.

I love designing, especially when I get to this point and I can see the finish line, and I can definitely see it.    Once I cross it then it’s on to another couple of patterns that just need the last minute stuff, photos, etc and they too will be ready for the outside world.

I leave you with one of my favorite songs.  It came across my playlist this morning while I was out for my run.  I love this song, especially this version, so much.  It reminds me of a special friend.  They know who they are…

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  1. Susan Cochran says:

    Love that song and Caroline Pennell . . . Hadn’t heard it before! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to see all your new finished patterns. I am excited to knit the Miss Babs one! 🙂

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